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Search Engine Optimisation
Show up on the web where and when it matters.....

Search Engine Optimisation from Evokea

Ensuring that your website supports search engine algorithms and gives users the best experience possible.

How to get found on the web


SEO is a major part of the digital marketing puzzle. We start with your website structure; a smart CMS website will give us the ability to really focus in on your organic SEO setup. Knowing how google/yahoo would like content to be indexed is the start of the process with the keyword research process, then we review the site content to form objectives for content development recommendations and action points.


Our comprehensive SEO work includes detailed checks on technical and usability aspects of a website to get your website turning up where and when it matters on the web.


Show Up, Where and When It Matters on the Web


Web Marketing

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We blend tried-and-true online search optimisation strategies with paid media strategies (Google, Bing, Yahoo) to get our clients' businesses to stand out on the web and to thrive.

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