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Evokea Training and Support
Client web training from site support and development, through to server setup and maintenance

Web Training, Maintenance, Setup & Support from Evokea

We offer training and support services covering a wide range of areas so you have the skills needed to build and grow your business online.

Training and Consulting

At evokea, we know that the launch of a website is just the beginning, not the end. As a strategic partner, we provide ongoing support, training, and consulting to guide business owners forward. As an established trainer we pass on our professional experience to your team. We offer both public and private training covering a wide range of topics, including:

  • Intelligent CMS Selection
  • Web Server Training
  • Web Building Introduction

  • Staff Web Support Training

  • Social Media Introduction
  • Build Your Own Business


Build Your Knowledge & Build your Business


By offering training and ongoing support, we ensure that your key staff members get the specific skills needed, using the latest cutting-edge technology..


We offer training and support for start up businesses through to large organisations covering a wide range of topics, including;


Intelligent CMS Selection

We offer a consulting service to guide you through the process of selecting a content management service (CMS) that will work for your business now and in the future.


Web Building and Social Media Introduction

We can put together short training introductions to give you the basics, showing you what is possible to do online.


Staff Website Support Training

We are happy to take on the responsibility of updating and adding content to your website and online campaigns, but we also put together personalised training to get people started with updating and taking control of their websites and media services. We can put together training schedules and training to give team members or business owners the tools to succeed looking after their online media or we can offer maintenance plans to provide clients guaranteed services for web maintenance and support.


Web Server Training

Knowing how the back end of your website and marketng campaigns work gives you the ability to take on complete ownership of your online business. We tailor training packages to give you total confidence of server setup, fine tuning and maintenance.


How to Start an Online Business

We offer a comprehensive training programme for people who would like to build their own Web Development Business. We will help you set up your website, show you how to develop world class architecture and how to build a server to run your websites from.


Talk to evokea about how we can use our world-class knowledge and experience to give you the support and knowledge your business needs.

Let's Get Started and Grow Your Business